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Free games!

2014-03-12 10:00:43 by Maverlyn

Hey Newgrounds!

It's been a while since i made any progress and or uploaded anything here but i have this friend on twitch that's streaming gameplay and giving away keys for games at certain amounts of followers and watchers.

Give him a visit and enjoy the streams :D

Sorry sorry sorry!!!!!

2012-12-14 02:38:06 by Maverlyn

I just have to apologize to everyone who has pm'd me about using my tracks,
I've been so busy at my new job that i haven't checked in for 3 months X_X

Just to awnser all of the questions at once-
Yes you can all use ANY of my tracks for FREE even for commercial purposes!

Merry Xmas Newgrounds, Keep being awesome!

Keep on rocking

2011-01-26 08:44:44 by Maverlyn

To everyone who reviewed my music


Since i made this other account and started posting music i have been honored by many of your comments and therefore i wuld like to thank each and everyone of you.

Special thanks to the people who gave me good advice on how i culd improve my music and to those who have used my music in various projects.

I will continue to submit music as long as you all stay here with me and make NG a great place to be :)

Ennyting funneh!

2010-02-17 11:46:16 by Maverlyn

Post some fun stuff here plz IM BORED!!!!

Ennyting funneh!

so much blood!

2010-01-29 10:32:07 by Maverlyn ls_Kaboom.swf