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Sorry sorry sorry!!!!!

2012-12-14 02:38:06 by Maverlyn

I just have to apologize to everyone who has pm'd me about using my tracks,
I've been so busy at my new job that i haven't checked in for 3 months X_X

Just to awnser all of the questions at once-
Yes you can all use ANY of my tracks for FREE even for commercial purposes!

Merry Xmas Newgrounds, Keep being awesome!


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2012-12-14 03:01:45

Hope the new job is pleasantly diverting, and not a hassle to get up in the morning to do....Merry Christmas to you as well :3

Maverlyn responds:

Well actually i get up at 4am to shovel snow or mow lawns XD


2012-12-14 03:18:47

Wow that's super awesome of you and I'm glad you're doing well. Merry xmas!

Maverlyn responds:

Thank you my friend. :)


2012-12-14 05:47:43

...So how do we contact you then? PM still?

Maverlyn responds:

Yes i guess.. Tho it will take me some time to reply.


2012-12-14 20:44:39

No, YOU are the awesome!


2012-12-14 22:39:53

Merry Xmas!


2012-12-15 05:30:40

Hope you make some killer tips!

Maverlyn responds:

More like minimum wage


2013-01-14 18:56:16

I'm grateful that you're allowing people to use your songs, thank you so much! And good luck with your job :P


2013-03-01 09:31:56

Maverlyn! Is there any other way I can contact you ? You don't seem to come often to newgrounds, so is there a Soundcloud,, skype or anything ? :D I really appreciate your work!

Thank you for being one of the awesomest composers on Newgrounds! Keep it up!


2014-03-01 05:09:40

Awww. Dead :( And no forwarding address.