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Entry #5

Free games!

2014-03-12 10:00:43 by Maverlyn

Hey Newgrounds!

It's been a while since i made any progress and or uploaded anything here but i have this friend on twitch that's streaming gameplay and giving away keys for games at certain amounts of followers and watchers.

Give him a visit and enjoy the streams :D


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2014-03-12 11:42:57

Also cool to see you on Newgrounds again. :D
Any plans to make more music? :)

Maverlyn responds:

Hells yeah! Iv'e done major work over the past year an got some new scraps/wips to upload.
I just need to start sorting and adding endings or loop-points to them before i do :P

Have a great summer!



2014-08-25 16:35:01

Your songs are hella repetitive lol


2014-11-22 21:12:07

Are you there? :c


2015-05-17 19:47:13

Duuuude you're so close to 400 fans! You should upload some more muuuuuuuuusic to push the counter over the edge :)