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2013 Submissions

Diablo-ish *scrap* Video Game Loop
Strange - Wasteland wip Ambient Song
Snowglobe Miscellaneous Loop
Dreams Come True - Remix Miscellaneous Song
Shoppingcart Racers Video Game Loop
Dreams Come True - NG version Miscellaneous Song
Dreams Come True - Speed Mix Miscellaneous Song
Aaaw yeah - random stuff Miscellaneous Loop
It Consumes - Big Miscellaneous Song
Into_The_Sunset Video Game Song
The Beat - wip Miscellaneous Song
RPG Random loop Video Game Loop
RPG Engage Video Game Loop
Before_you_leave Miscellaneous Song
Endure - big Miscellaneous Song
Like_a_boss Miscellaneous Song
The boss is dead Video Game Song
Spy games - WIP Video Game Song
Select your vehicle Video Game Loop
Glitched - Slow - Wip Miscellaneous Song
Glitched - Fast - WIP Miscellaneous Song
Title - Extended Video Game Loop
Title - Short Video Game Loop
Silly Cat Video Game Loop
Funkstar End Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Good Night - WIP Miscellaneous Song
Loopah Video Game Loop
The fat shopkeeper Video Game Loop
RAGE! - short Video Game Loop
Emotion_2 - WIP Miscellaneous Loop
Emotion - WIP Miscellaneous Loop
DP-Whales humm Video Game Song
DP-Whales big Video Game Loop
BeatR7-Vocal Miscellaneous Loop
BeatR5 Video Game Loop
BeatR4 Video Game Loop
BeatR3 Video Game Loop
DP - Explore 9 Video Game Song
DP - Explore 8 Video Game Song
DP - No more Video Game Loop
DP - Ending Credits Video Game Song
Aviator Man Video Game Song
Arrr Me Matey's Video Game Song
Going into space Video Game Loop
Mission Completed XL Video Game Song
Mission Completed! Video Game Song
Ghost in the mirror Miscellaneous Loop
Talkative Overkill - WIP Miscellaneous Song
Hectic piano Video Game Loop
Omen - No Drums Miscellaneous Song
Omen - With drums Miscellaneous Song
Grid Miscellaneous Loop
The journey begins p2 Video Game Song
Asian Love Miscellaneous Song
Here She Comes Miscellaneous Song
Don't look behind you no-ARGH! Miscellaneous Song
Don't look behind you! Miscellaneous Song
WARP 1 - wip Miscellaneous Song
Work work work Video Game Song
Mischievous Video Game Loop
WTF is this shit! Video Game Loop
Darkbeat Dude - Wip Video Game Loop
Darkbeat_X - for Omi589 Video Game Song
Madnezz - Remastered Video Game Song
Death-of-me_2 Video Game Loop
Feel it - Loop Video Game Loop
BeatR Video Game Loop
Feel it - Vocals Miscellaneous Song
COFFEE!!! Video Game Loop
Slaphappy Small Loop Video Game Loop
Evil Schemes 2 Video Game Song
Evil Schemes Video Game Song
Dashkin Woods Video Game Loop
Pharao Loop Video Game Loop
Village Theme Video Game Song
So far - WIP Video Game Loop
Subterfuge Video Game Song
It Consumes Video Game Song
Map Travel Video Game Loop
Slaphappy Miscellaneous Loop
Prove Yourself Miscellaneous Song
Partay! Miscellaneous Loop
Madnezz 2 Miscellaneous Song
I miss you.. Miscellaneous Song
Lonesome Cowboy Miscellaneous Loop
Lava Flow Miscellaneous Song
Joule Miscellaneous Song
Balls Of Steel Miscellaneous Song
Balls On Fire Miscellaneous Loop
The magix of Xmas - 2 Miscellaneous Song
The magix of Xmas Miscellaneous Song
Beatbox-wip Miscellaneous Loop
Retroville Video Game Loop
Racetrack Miscellaneous Loop
Zombie House - wip Miscellaneous Song
Gangbang *silent* Miscellaneous Loop
Symphony of the tribes - wip Miscellaneous Song
Pirates - wip - plane Miscellaneous Loop
Pirates - WIP.2 looped Miscellaneous Loop
R08o7 Miscellaneous Loop
Sam Rocks Miscellaneous Loop
Tide Of Grief Miscellaneous Song
Ringtone 02 Miscellaneous Loop
Another flop Miscellaneous Song
Shave my weasel Miscellaneous Loop
The glade v2 -wip Miscellaneous Loop
Newgrounds Attacks! Miscellaneous Loop
Ravin Alien Miscellaneous Song
DEMO - Fight Video Game Loop
Bass Test Xl!!! Miscellaneous Song
BASS TEST!!!!! Miscellaneous Song
Breakbeater V4 (Headphones) Miscellaneous Loop
Old Style Jam Miscellaneous Loop
Zombie Track - WIP Video Game Loop
Underground Airways / swift-v3 Video Game Loop
Swift - v2 Video Game Loop
Swift - v1 Video Game Loop
Inspecting Video Game Loop
Happy Ending :) Video Game Loop
Mega Man - Funk Man -vocals- Video Game Loop
Mega Man - Funk Man Video Game Loop
Cry Of The Gods Miscellaneous Song
Forces Of Evil - wip Video Game Loop
Missing a name Miscellaneous Song
Randomizer Video Game Song
It's Destiny Miscellaneous Song
Madnezz Video Game Song
Short flashback Miscellaneous Song
Sexy back alley Video Game Song
Talkative Video Game Loop
0verhead Video Game Song
Clowns on crack - slapstick Video Game Song
Intro test 1 Miscellaneous Song
Ending Credits test 1 Miscellaneous Song
The Cosmic Video Game Song
Fast Running Video Game Loop
Alone in space Ambient Loop
Fort boyard - Remake Video Game Song
The Journey Begins ! Video Game Loop
Boss theme - wip short 1 Video Game Loop
In memory of our lost Video Game Song
Funny loop - fast edit by req Video Game Loop
Funny loop 2 Video Game Loop
Funny loop 1 Video Game Loop
Boss Theme - WIP Video Game Loop
B4ZZL1N3 Trance Loop
RTS WIP 01 Video Game Loop
Jungle drums - Fallout2 style Video Game Loop
-?Reworked?- Miscellaneous Loop
Where's your god now?!? Video Game Loop
~MuY LoCo México~ Miscellaneous Song
Inviting Super Mario NG mix Video Game Song
dr sniper + midi Video Game Song
Battlefield - Short version Video Game Song
Electro Beat. full version Miscellaneous Song
Kareoke Kamikaze Miscellaneous Song
BF1942 Tribute Video Game Song
Booze & Banjos Miscellaneous Song
Happy Place NG.V Miscellaneous Song
S**t in a blender Miscellaneous Loop
symphony of the sea. no drums Miscellaneous Song
WIP.0.6 Alpha Miscellaneous Loop
WIP.01 Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Neighborhood loop Miscellaneous Loop
Dark beat 4 Miscellaneous Loop
Dark beat 3 Miscellaneous Loop
Dark Beat 2 Miscellaneous Loop
Dark Beat 1 Miscellaneous Loop
Crazy Jungle Fever Drum N Bass Song
Inviting Super Mario - Alpha Video Game Song
Cloud Walker Miscellaneous Song
Enemies Of Rock Trance Song
Ringtone 01 Miscellaneous Loop
Symphony of the sea Miscellaneous Song
Electro Beat - short version Miscellaneous Loop